Suhita (Sketch Away)

This is a great example of how art is everywhere: I went helmet shopping with my boyfriend since we both are dangerously close to getting intimate with concrete while riding our bikes through the city. While at the store, a huge 5 story old factory converted into the coolest outdoors store EVER,  we went to the basement and looked at the wares. I, using my keen sense of smell, sensed free wine.  Following my insticts, I found this lovely store had a small art auction going on in the corner, filled with a DJ, appetizers, and free wine. (Oh yeah, and art too.) I was so wonderful to be surrounded by such a great atmosphere in such a strange place, but it was also great to see this large store supporting both charity and art at once.

I jotted down a couple of names of artists I enjoyed, and I’ll post them here as I go. But please, check out the charity to see how you can help; It was really worth it.


This particular artist stuck out for me, and if I ever had any money I probably would have put my name down for the silent auction. ALAS, sometimes those of us who appreciate art the most often can’t afford it! I think the reason this artist stuck out so much was because these pieces were clearly Plein Air studies, and that always has a soft spot for me. I travel often, and tend to bring my sketchbook or watercolors or Pochade box with me….its a great way to really, truly  get to know a place! The world is pretty beautiful, if you didn’t already know….

I couldn’t choose which ones I liked the best…..


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