Alexander McQueen

So, I guess I was just never into fashion. I always figured it was nothing but figuring out how to make skinny people look skinnier. It was never even anything moral on my part, I don’t have anything really against fashion, just it was never my cup of tea.  But, in my life, I always loved costumes. I loved designing how characters looked and creating uniforms people would wear in made-up worlds.  For awhile, I wanted to go into costume design. So, how I thought NONE of that had anything to do with fashion, I don’t know.

I was recently introduced to Alexander McQueen, and man, am I upset I didn’t see this sooner. (And also, that I will never see more as he tragically committed suicide last year) What a genius! Each one of these is straight out of the future, and at times exactly as my imagination wants to see things. Sometimes, his designs are more “traditional”, but don’t worry, they certainly can get crazy as well. Take a look at a few examples below, and try to convince me these aren’t exactly what you want to see at this very moment.

Though his official site provides very little information on his exhibits visually, a simple google search will give you ridiculous amounts of inspiration…..


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