Eyvind Earle


Though there isn’t much more I can tell you that a small Wikipedia article can’t tell you, Eyvind Earle was one of the best background painters Disney ever employed. Well, actually, really just EVER. Being the visual guidance for such revolutionary hits as Sleeping Beauty, his images are so incredibly unique that you can see how artists today get their inspiration and ideas. I’m telling you, artists in the 60s were the real masters – they were the ones sowing the seeds for all the jumps we claim to make today.


Though he unfortuneately passed in 2000, his work really does continue to inspire people today.


THIS JUST IN. THIS GUY WAS A MOTHER-FUCKING PRINTMAKER – most of these are actually serigraphs! (ie: silk screen prints!) WOWWWWWW. (the others were produced in oils….which is still pretty amazing….)






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