Color Designer….

So if you, like me, just love colors and MUST HAVE ALL OF THEM ALL THE TIME, then this is the site for you! I wandered on this awhile ago, and it has hugely effected the way I do color harmonies (or, to be more precise, I HAVE color harmonies now…..). It is also really helpful, as you can copy and paste the HEX code into photoshop or onto whatever design editing software you need (it was made for web design, so its very useful for that, obviously….!). In addition to this, you can choose a variety of harmonies: monochrome, triad, complimentary (look at all these words I learned in art school, just flowing out….!).


Please. Simply use this. Unless you are already amazing at color, then never mind you….

Here is a screenshot of the site, since I obviously can’t embed it here…..!


Find the full, FREE, version on their website.



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