Eric Canete

So, one thing I have an appreciation for is comics. I cannot STAND hero comics produced by Marvel/DC (I’m sorry to turn my back on my roots like this, in such a public fashion….), but there always lies a soft spot in my heart for the path they have forged for other comic artists.

Its always great to see a great comic artist, though. Even if they do focus on “hero” drawings/commissions.  I’ve long stopped judging artists on how they make a living, especially in such an economy where SOME people would consider art a “luxury”. (But, those of us who understand art, know that this isn’t the case.) These drawings are really, fucking, great.  There’s a real merging of styles going on here, and its incredibly pleasing to see the result come through time and time again.

And as always, check out his blog for more amazing stuff.




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