Sankai Juku (Butoh Dancing)

So today, while I was at work, my coworker came up to me and was talking about his weekend. I, of course, had nothing planned. He then informed me of his weekend of traveling to New York City to perform his craft of Butoh, a Japanese style of dance. Being the curious person I am, I went home and looked up what this was – there are few things in this world I can’t pretend to know anything about, and this drew a complete blank for me.
After perusing the most resourceful of internet pages (cough*wikipedia*cough), I learned some interesting stuff. And being as Halloween is coming up, this seemed like a perfect fit for today’s update.
Apparently, Butoh is defined by its very evasion of definition, though everyone everywhere can perform Butoh, it requires no movement at all if the performer wishes. Though normally entertaining ideas of perversion, taboo subjects, obscenities, intense costuming and raw emotion, Butoh is never the same experience twice. (In the “first” Butoh dance, a man strangled a chicken between his son’s legs…..) So, its often very macabre and filled with what I call “can’t look away going to have nightmares” creep-factors. But, that being said, I love what I’ve seen so far. I’ll just make sure not to watch it alone at night…..
Here is a particularly interesting piece. It can be “slow”, if only because there is no sound, but if you keep in mind the beginnings of Butoh (which is said to be either from a rebellion against Japanese societal norms or the Hiroshima bombing), it can become something much more than some creepy Japanese men. (Hopefully)

Whoops, no embedding. Well, its definitely worth *1* click to see the performance. Don’t be lazy, internet people.


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