Happy Doubt Day!

So, today’s post isn’t about a certain artist (though, it is presented by Herakut, who is definitely one of my top 3 favorite artists of all time…..which is saying something about someone who runs an art blog!), but more about a message they are conveying through their work.

Recently Herakut, who is actually a duet of artists Hera and Akut, put out this video to promote their newest show, but I think it actually accomplishes a lot more than that. Yes, their art is amazing, but they are still real artists at hear – they definitely feel vulnerable in their craft even at the height of their fame and fortune.

They put out a video dedicated to “Doubt”.

I think as artists of all levels, its a great thing to push past the feeling we all have to put ourselves down and our ability to overcome our own negativity.  Watch this video (which is, of course, full of their newest works, which look amazing!), but also look at what it is saying to you on an inner level, and take that message to heart. (Unless you get a bad message. Then, don’t think about it anymore.)




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