John Asaro



I first saw this artist photocopied on the walls of my school; As you ascend the staircase to class the walls are plastered with different artists for you to stop and get inspired (or demotivated…)by.  I always loved this first image, which is the one I see every day on my way to class. Everyone knows me as someone who loves color – I’ve been trying desperately to learn to paint with dramatic saturated color since I first picked up a paint brush (I’m not a subtle person). My teacher suggested looking up John Asaro for some inspiration, and I was struck that it was the same artist I had been secretly in love with all these years in the staircase.

Thus, today’s inspiration was born. Take a gander.

His official website (htp:// offers some pretty good images of his work, but is not complete (and I personally don’t like his Dancers collection…), so I suggest both perusing his site with a nice side dose of Google images…..



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