David Ball

David Ball is a unique artist in that he primarily uses collage and mixed media for his illustrative works. The incredible detail provided in each piece is what really makes each one create staying power – the unusual compositions and narrative bring you in, while the immense mass of tiny shapes of seemingly irregular things brought together to make a new shape is what makes you stay. I tried to get as big of images as I could to better illustrate this point, but these still do it little justice. Take a deeper look at each object and see all the little cutouts that make each thing what it is – a wheel for an eye, a mass of audience for a boat, a blob of ribbon for a tree branch.

But it isn’t only the surreal visual payoff  that is amazing about his work, its also the immediate sense of emotion each piece has. David is a very personal person – you can really feel him and his mind in each piece he creates. Unlike a lot of us artists though, he seems to embrace this and feeds off of it. If he is feeling elated or outcasted you can tell in his body of work at the time as each piece palpates with the emotion.

Take a look at the pieces below and tell me what you really feel.

(These two pieces are a diptych, left and right)

He also has a pretty great interview up on his site which I highly recommend.



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