Dan Burt

Pleinair landscape painting has a real soft spot in my heart. Through my love of travel, and my love of art, I find its a great intermediary for the two. So, when I stumble upon some really fantastic art that has been done around the world ON LOCATION, it really makes my heart twitter. (But, it generally takes me more than 140 characters to express how I really feel) These are done by Dan Burt, who is somewhere around 80 years old and still travels and paints like someone 1/4 his age. That in itself is incredible, much less the intricate work that he produces while thousands of tourists probably bug him about how much easier it is to take a photo of the spot instead.


There is very little information about him online, which makes me think I’ve stumbled upon a real gem here. But, check out what I feel like is an “unofficial” blog.



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