David Allan Peters

So here in the San Francisco Bay Area we have the Oakland Art Murmur, where the first Friday of every month downtown Oakland closes its streets and opens its galleries (also included: really great food trucks and booze). During this months show, I found quite a lot of fabulous local artists to exhibit, and I will slowly filter through them as the year progresses. Most of these shows are open longer than just the one night, so I highly suggest heading down to check them out.

David Allan Peter’s work is pretty great once you realize how they are done. As I figure it, he layers many colors of acrylic ink over each other and then slowly cuts it away in various shapes and depths to reveal the layers underneath. They are just as amazing to view from the side, where you can see the topography and hundreds of layers of ink laying on top of one another. (The last image, however, appears to be ink with collage.)

I believe he works the same way for his sculptures -meticulously layering each color over one another.

His work can be seen at the Chandra Cerrito Contemporary gallery. (480 23rd St., Oakland)

His official page:


And a gallery page that has a more in depth collection of his work:





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