The Animation Workshop: Vaesen

So, I was looking back on some old posts and saw my 2nd post (ever) and featured The Animation Workshop. I had posted that I had meant to check up on them to see what else they were working on, because admittedly their work something I really did want to keep track of. Long story short, I haven’t checked ONCE in over 6 months, so kept my promise today to see what was new, and was blown away by this new piece. My Scandinavian boyfriend told me that Væsen means “creature”. Absolutely breathtaking, it reminds me so much of the art that inspired me as a kid such as Last Unicorn and Wizards. Great to see it reincarnated in a form so well done.

(Ps. Sorry for the double post in a day – sometimes I feel bad for posting too many non-visual posts in a row, so I thought maybe my subscribers deserved a double dose!)


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