David Palumbo

Since I’ve been a little busy lately, and not updating as frequently as I normally do (Which I do promise will resume soon), I have sort of been forced to only post when I find an artist whose work REALLY moves me. This is sort of hard to do as I see SO MUCH amazing artwork everyday, particularly since undertaking this blog, that to find someone’s work who really makes me say “People NEED TO SEE THIS” sometimes proves difficult. I guess I’m getting jaded.

But today I stumbled upon this artist, and it really hit me. Though I don’t normally like his way of painting faces, and his blatant sexual subject matter is a bit too provocative for me (it reminds me of Ashley Wood but without the robots….), his painting skills are really quite unparalleled. I could get lost in those brushstrokes….

He recently released a book, which appears to have a broken link on his page, but looks incredibly interesting, as well as some instructional DVDs. We could all learn a little more about how to paint the female figure from THIS guy! (Most of these are only 5×7 inches big!)



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