Amberlee Rosolowich

So, I went to the wonderful Hespe Gallery today (if you live in the Bay Area and haven’t been, I highly recommend it! Especially tomorrow, when they’re having the opening for Kim Cogan) and was perusing through their postcards while waiting to talk with one of the curators. (This is a habit that I’ve started since I began Get Lost! over a year ago…I really need to start a folder for all of them or something!) I grabbed one for Amberlee Rosolowich because of the incredible illustrative nature of her style, and because I thought it was palette knife (which I’m naturally attracted to in my own work). Getting home and looking through her portfolio is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done!

Her use of narrative in each piece, and incredible use of designed shapes, makes each piece oh so good. There are too many times we see artists use this approach and have it fall apart in the drawing, but I think her draftsmanship is one of the  the strongest points in each piece. It is so spot on while still portraying a character; this isn’t a person who uses style as an excuse but embraces the subtleties in naturalistic or organic form. The colors and design for each piece on a whole doesn’t hurt either…..!

Ok, so, I think I’m in love.

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2 thoughts on “Amberlee Rosolowich

    • Thank you for your kind words; inspiration is the name of the game! The internet represents both a unique opportunity to explore otherwise inaccessible avenues of thought, but also a challenge in that there certainly needs to be some personal restriction on the amount of time spent there! I know I am excellently guilty of both…. Glad to here you enjoy our articles!

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