Arny Karl


Arny Karl is a plein aire painter, frequently known as the “painter of moods”. Arny passed away in 2000, but not before securing a reputation for his beautiful work on Southern California and Southwestern pastoral landscapes (though, he did use oils sometimes as well…!). In an age, and I quote (since its a little harsh, and I don’t quite agree…) “when the shocking and the ugly are championed by critics and when the absolutely banal is considered collectible” Karl held true to his beliefs of the romantic landscape.  He was born in Italy, and moved to LA to pursue a career in advertising to pay the bills, though he was encouraged by his mother to pursue his more artistic endeavors. His colors, as well as his values, shows a true understanding of light and edge control. Sometimes I have a hard time discerning his pastels from his oils because of his complete control of both mediums. A great master to draw from, especially if you’re into landscapes….!



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