Sergey Kolesov

Hoooo boy. Good old Sergey is the reason why I love doing this blog. Sometimes you just run into gems, who amazingly enough, aren’t very well known or used. (Even in their own country, which I believe to be Czech Republic?) It seems he has had a few sporadic jobs in his professional years, but in my opinion not nearly enough!

His work is, in the best way possible, weird. Sometimes I just don’t get it. But sometimes it is just the best thing I’ve seen. Ever. Like in the first image here, of a biker’s last light before he dies. ARE WE SEEING IT THROUGH HIS EYES?! ARE THOSE MY EYEBROWS?! Ooooh, man. You are too much.

But, technically speaking, I love the juxtaposition of rendered to flat shapes. Like in the last image, the huge monster versus poor Cledus and his pitchfork – we don’t need any more imagery for the figure, but it is so simple!

Anyways, just going to leave this here, try not to drool too much:


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