Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark is represented in numerous societies and permenant collections across the world. His biography on his page can do a much better job of telling you all about his many, many accomplishments, so let me just do what I do here:

First off, it took me too long to realize that these were watercolors. Some are obvious, with the soft edges and wet-on-wet smearing of a myriad of colors, but others are so well blended and solid that it seems impossible that the typical transparent medium could maintain such luminosity with so many layers.  Though his portraits section was disappointing (it sounds odd saying this, as he is still clearly better than most artists I blog about here), but his ability to capture a moment or character without a real person being there is one of my favorite parts of these pieces. Also, they are very, very large. I have respect for anyone who has the patience to work our a 30×48 watercolor piece and maintain any semblance of sanity.

I think his work reminds me of Sargent at times, and Miyazaki at others. Incredible work, who’s classes I will be keeping an eye on hopefully for a Bay Area visit….






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