Dain Fagerholm

Dain’s images are creepy and satisfying. By taking a simple pen sketch (well, maybe not too simple as it is pretty layered up…), and centering it slightly differently in 2 different  versions and then rapidly switching between the two, you get this twitching, slightly animated effect. Though simple, it gives an entire universe a personality, and so much more character than if the images were stagnant. The effect, to me, is dark and eerie, and absolutely perfect for his subject matter.

** So, I realize these don’t automatically animate. However, if you click on them, the image will then load and animate. Fucking WordPress….

tumblr_m03v2dW1JF1qdjguqo1_400 tumblr_m0j3kcwkbE1qdjguqo1_500 cRXCk tumblr_m02qm8cupa1qdjguqo1_500 GFshd 65Nbi



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