Joe Kowalczyk

It was love at first sight when I saw Joe’s work at the Oakland Art Murmur. He works in a large collaborative art studio where it is hard to pick out one artist from the next, and is often filled with too many people to get an appreciate look at anything (though, some people might call this “intimate”). However, in the corner of the building stood Kowalczyk’s, whom I will now call Joe as I grow tired already of spelling that name, sculptures, and I’ve never felt so instantly attracted to anything in my life. Including my husband (sorry, love).  I’ve always had a soft spot for dark, mysterious art. Not necessarily macabre, but something that delves into a subconscious area of ourselves that is morbidly interested in the unknown. Normally, I appreciate this in beautiful depictions,  but these sculptures are beautiful in their grotesque reality. I’ve never had another artist understand where my mind wanders to so purely, and I will do anything in my power to spread the word of his prowess. Some might call his work in the style of Tim Burton and his crew, but I say Joe can outdo them any day.

It is unfortunate I never got to speak to Joe in person before I left the Bay Area, as I’d love to interview him on his process and creative spark.

Also, it was hard to find any free-use images on him, so I highly recommend  visiting his website for more beautiful, detailed shots.

1_825_azalea_petals_grande 0302125 8059754338_50daef7d33_z art Art work of Joe Kowalczyk Kowalczyk06 l


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