Cole Phillips


Clarence Cole Phillips (known just as Cole Phillips for most of his artistic career) is known, mostly, for his Fade away girl, made famous through the various Life Magazine illustrations he did in the early teens. I love these pieces, not only because they are from one of my favorite artistic eras in illustration, but because of their superb design. I’ve always liked a piece with daring negative spaces, and Phillips uses this as his strength. His colors are simple but effective, and the woman as beautiful as his readers demanded.

It might be just me, but I feel his use of empty shapes within the woman may have helped women across the country relate, or even put themselves into, the idealized woman they were looking at in these ads.  It was easier to place their own identity in the perfect clothes, hair and situation that Phillips was insinuating through his compositions. But, maybe that’s just me trying to sound smart.

A-Young-Mans-Fancy-Coles-Phillips-Image1 Coles_Phillips2_Life

ColesPhillips_PeacockFeathers_1924_100 coles-phillips-08.jpg phillips phillips_aymf_page7 phillp1 tumblr_kw6d50UuS71qzhl9eo1_1280

I highly recommend doing a more in depth search, as these are only a few of his amazing pieces.



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