Andrew Mar

So, one of the best things about going to art school is all the great artists you meet. Especially at the Academy of Art University, where the more you put into your own education the better you will be, you will get some above-par work. Andrew Mar was someone who I had the pleasure to meet (can’t say I knew him that well,¬†unfortunately. WE ARE FACEBOOK FRIENDS, THOUGH.), and he, simply put, kind of smashed the par level to bits for the rest of us there. By far my favorite student to come out of my alma matter, I feel it my duty to feature him here on Get Lost, even if only a few hundred people will see this, in hopes that more people can appreciate what he does.

Here is a bit of everything that I’ve seen him do, check out his blog for more. I feel like there isn’t a damn thing he can’t do.

29 Stagnant bummer ftp horsies quick35 sketch4 3 telltale_heart copy the dream hero wildebot


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