Interview: Marissa Gianno

I have had the pleasure of working with Marissa at the wonderful Hespe Gallery while I was still living in San Francisco, if you are ever in the area I highly recommend a visit! Marissa always had a new perspective on things I was always interested in hearing, which makes her a wonderful candidate for an interview on the arts.
1) As a person who sells art for a living, and practically lives and breathes art, what can you say about people who don’t know more than they’re told? The “Mona Lisa Curse”, where people flock to see artists simply because they are told that they should appreciate this work, and not because they themselves feel any connection to it?
I think this is a stupid idea, there are many subjects that people aren’t experts on but are still of interest to them. Just because they have no knowledge of art doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it. Seeing works that are popular are a good jumping off point for many people and can even be a catalyst to further study.
2) What are your feelings of people who buy art simply as a commodity, or “stock”, versus those who buy art for their meaning or appreciation of the craft? Is art, perhaps,  only a rich man’s game?
I don’t believe this to be true collectors educate themselves and have a definitive idea of how to shape their personal collections. Any purchases less than $1,000,000 aren’t for investments sake but for the love of the work. 
3) Explain your own definition of what “art” truly is – is it simply a craft, or does it extend beyond that?
Art is simply a thing of beauty.
4) In your field, there must be a time when you have to sell a piece you yourself do not care for. You may appreciate the craftsmanship (or not, maybe!), but then how do you accurately represent this work if you cannot get behind it yourself? How do you politely overcome this challenge?
You focus on the client and their interest, your personal opinion has no merit in this situation.
5) 5 top favorite artists you cannot live without. (As we are, of course, an artist’s inspiration blog.) Its nice to see the people who’ve moved the people who move the art world today!
  1. Vermeer
  2. Warhol/hirst (they are basically the same person, so a tie seems appropriate)
  3. Richter
  4. David shrigley
  5. Kehinde wiley
As you can see there is a definite theme to the work I like!
For more information about Hespe Gallery, please look to their webpage:

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