Tex Saverio

So, the only thing I could find about about Tex Saverio is that he hails from Jakarta, Indonesia, and has incredibly little information about himself on the internet. Perhaps because I am not a) in most fashion circles and b) not incredibly patient when it comes to in-depth research (I can scan about 10 Google search pages before I give up all hope), I cannot find any information about him. Even his website only holds 1 cryptic image on it, with an email address for inquiries. (And, since I am not looking to buy anything, I doubt I’d get a reply for an interview, but I will still try!)

Anyways, his work more than speaks for itself. It reminds me of Alexander McQueen a bit, but with his own unique twist to the dark, fictitious world McQueen became famous for, though I must say his wedding dresses are absolutely lovely as well. I look forward to seeing more from future collections.

I couldn’t choose only a few to post – do your own google search and find some inspiration!

182760_371809396212360_165148646_n 282673_371809046212395_854098328_n 285761_371809602879006_106233828_n 385667_371801599546473_412513280_n 389175_371809796212320_612463689_n 521309_371809246212375_1100238147_n 547224_371793182880648_620538422_n 556766_371809996212300_1351915654_n 556805_371810049545628_93376382_n 581142_371806226212677_571400508_n





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