Coran Stone

As I was browsing through Deviant Art for some stock photos for myself to draw from, I came across Coran Stone on the main page. I think it was just my love of The Incredibles that perked my interest, and not being someone who normally likes the art normally found on DA, I’m proud of myself for giving it a chance, and browsing through his gallery.

This work is great on so many levels – despite the immediacy of the image, his design skills for each character are second to none. The way he reinvents each design, lending to loyalty to any previous ideas of the character, is really brave. I also appreciate, as an artist, the clear love for what he does and his desire to improve (as I see his numerous studies of more traditional styles throughout his page). I’m also curious to the way he colors his pieces, the textures work really well. (Not to mention his clever cross-over of many childhood favorites!)

All in all, its great to see a modern animation artist who really knows what they are doing, instead of using the simplistic style as an excuse to not learn the craft to its fullest. Stone’s work is only greater because of it.

4__s_a_crowd_by_kizer180-d5mu1t7 a_crazy_change_by_kizer180-d38oner help_shaggy_save_vel_by_kizer180-d4q1yki heroes_in_a_half_shell_by_kizer180-d4uicdw teen_titans_lets_go_by_kizer180-d4wniwl the_line_of_justice_by_kizer180-d41dfsz there_goes_the_neighborhood_by_corankizerstone-d5rkktq


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