Jessie Willcox Smith

Jessie Willcox Smith was a woman in a man’s world – she was the 2nd of 10 women ever to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Society of Illustrators. She was mainly famous for her children’s books, but also incredibly popular for her magazine covers. She trained under Howard Pyle and the Brandywine School.

I personally love the softness of these pieces, the tranquil serenity of each mystical atmosphere. Her ability to engage the audience in such a solemn moment is truly a gift. Not to mention her imagination and ability to establish a fantastical world with only a simple composition and amazing draftsmanship. She makes it look a little too easy…

05892us Jessie Willcox Smith (7) Jessie_Willcox_Smith_-_The_Water_Babies_-_p140 Jessie_Willcox_Smith_-_The_Water_Babies_-_p236 Jessie_Willcox_Smith_recordElizabeth_Shippen_Green,_Life_was_made_for_love_and_cheer,_1904


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