Scott Maynard

Scott is the writer and artist of the well known Happle Tea webcomic. I just found it today, and just like me, I spent the last hour reading archive after archive of its hilarity. It focuses mainly on mythology jokes, which is nerdy to admit, but incredibly up my intellectual alley. So, a lot of them won’t be funny if you don’t delve into that stuff like I do – but, BOY if you do!

On a more artistic note, I think this drawing style is incredible. His character designs are wonderful to admire, as well as the color schemes for each scene. (They set the mood nicely!) Honestly, it is nice to see such fantastic design work in this style, with clear draftsmanship skills. Web comics are tough, too, because you must have consistent quality being done at an intense speed – he updates these comics twice a week. So, bravo Scott!

Aaaaaand also like me, I couldn’t find only a few images I liked best, so went a bit overboard with the uploads here….!

2011-08-16 2011-10-21 2011-11-11 2011-11-29 2011-12-06 2012-11-30 2013-01-04


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