Leonid Enin

What? You like concept art? HUH? You like video games?!

What a weirdo.

You’re lucky I cater to such losers like you, and post STUPID, RIDICULOUS things to support your inane interests.

I’m just kidding. We all love fantastic art like this. I remember a time (back when I had to walk through 6 feet of snow for weeks to get to school every day) when digital art was still something people didn’t know what to do with, much less make it look so effortless. The role in video games, specifically, to digital art has truly shaped and molded the medium into something much more streamlined and efficient – since the changes are so rapid and deadlines often incredibly fast-paced (they put the DEAD in deadline), styles that look like they have more work done than they do have become the Darwinism of the artistic style. As such, digital art has made deadlines often MUCH faster for even traditional mediums, as people do not realize an oil painting doesn’t take 2 hours to produce at the same level. Its an interesting conundrum we artists have on our hands (and, those responsible for our sanity such as editors and directors…!)

Either way, Leonid makes it all look easy. His designs are perfectly spot on, with the right amount of ingenuity and familiarity that is so crucial in most vis dev stages.  Not even taking into account draftsmanship (which would truly be a waste), his designs alone are enough to go gaga over.

89457620125305c30b976d6e8ec0b441 457dbad4d18a8110033703ac3458abb3 70741220c724177767dab0530d140df4 fe9ea67249f2b7a61773e245a51658e7 876cd87f35295c6cf1ac0717b5a149f6 98a7360b9e659f8e1430a52d137bcf74 65bb40f8729dd5fdd11d4cec1206ade3




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