Mary Blair

Mary Blair is best known for her inspirational work with Disney back in the 50s., being the driving visual force behind such family favorites as Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, and Peter Pan; not to mention advertising works that drove the market wild. I, personally, find her personal works and traditional watercolors my favorite, though most people would disagree as her stylized and simpler works were much more popular (though, don’t think for one second that it is as easy as it looks!).

I also find it interesting, that most people don’t really think about the other Blairs, such as her husband Lee Blair or her brother-in-law Preston Blair. Both were also incredibly well awarded artists, who shared many of Mary’s abilities, but were far less achieved somehow. Oh well, I guess that is the lottery of life. These works are all from Mary, though I do recommend looking up both Lee (for beautiful watercolors) or Preston (for spot-on animation sketches).

MaryBlair_parrots blair_littlehouse Beach Party Oakie-camp SelfPortrait OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA alice1


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