Tom Thomson

My husband and I were browsing the art book racks when I came across the book “Group of Seven….and Tom Thomson”. I thought it was sad for poor Tom Thomson to be excluded like that, but after reading up on him I now understand that he was the direct influence for the group, but died before it was officially formed. Thomson was probably was on Canada’s most influential painters, and it is interesting that he never began painting until he was well into his thirties (let that be  a lesson to everyone who says they are “too old” to try something new!). He was incredibly influential to many landscape painters, and without his work, the artistic world would be very different, I believe. His use of colors and textures within a landscape are simply unmatched.

Though, many would talk about his mysterious death, he simply disappeared during a canoe trip, I personally just want to shower you with images. Maybe let his work speak for itself.


tumblr_l6lchw090s1qd4t4vo1_500 thompson maple-saplings-1917 TomThomson-Woodland-Waterfall-1916 autumns-garland in the northland A07S-E04564-033-01 sunsetsky Tom-Thomson-Birches-L


No “official” page, but here is one that is fairly extensive.


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