Giovanni Boldini

Whoa, ok, just like that I have a new favorite “classical” painter. Though he wasn’t that old, his style is very reminiscent of Sargeant and Degas, in fact being friends with them for a short period of time (since he was also a popular portrait painter, and belonging to the Parisian school). He is titled as the “Master of Swish” due to his fluent style, (though, I’m hesitant to say this as my only real source on this is Wikipedia. But, due to its perfect naming, I will spread this even if it is a rumor!) and was popular because of his effortless looking style, while maintaining an impressive level of movement and rhythm.

These paintings are incredible, and though my husband will hate me for it, I love them so much more than the Sargent paintings that they resemble so much. The paintings, due to their rapid and intense brushwork, seem so far ahead of their time, while still maintaining a classical beauty.

They inspire me TO THE MAX.

portrait-of-rita-de-acosta-lydig-1911 Marchesa_Luisa_Casati_with_a_Greyhound Reclining-Nude-III-large giovanni-boldini-23 Giovanni_Boldini_Mademoiselle_Lantelme Giovanni_Boldini_83 Actress Alice Regnault Boldini-Marchesa-Casati



A great website, if you don’t mind annoying watermarks on every image.

Otherwise, a Google image search serves nicely enough.


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