Wesley Burt

Welsey Burt is most famous for his work in some of our age’s best video games, reading the list of the projects he has worked on kept blowing my mind over, and over, and over, and over. Working both full-time for Massive Black (You know, the most amazing studio to ever exist, ever) and as a free lance illustrator, Burt has had the ability to work on such games like Fallout 3, Infamous, Bayonetta, Borderlands, Silent Hill, and so so many more. His work is featured on Kotaku so much, its stupid.

But, when you look this good, I bet you have to keep the clients off with a stick. A long, barbed, poisonous, +10 to undead stick.


I’ve focused more on his Fine Art / Sketch side instead of his concept work side, as these images are slightly harder to come across. If you need more, be my guest and use google. (Or, some of his lovely websites below)


This, ladies and gentlemen, is beauty in its truest form.


headbrace  boatfull boatclose makeover bats gardening chairspace smokerightwallmixcloseup.jpg.scaled.1000

This guy is just so damned productive, he has *3* separate, official, blogs.

http://www.wesleyburt.com/ (For more “Fine Art” -esque pieces)

http://wesley-burt.blogspot.no/ (For the most updates of non-concept work)

http://wburtconcept.blogspot.no/ (For his concept art work)


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