Eric Rohman

I can’t seem to find much information about Rohman (besides the fact that he has a talented children’s book artist who shares a very similar name, Eric Rohmann). We do know that he was one of Sweden’s most prolific and sought after illustrators in the early 20th century. His library of movie posters is astounding, and his sense of design and technical ability make it all the more sad that he is fairly unknown. I wish there was more information on him, perhaps in my travels here in Scandinavia I can find out more.

Anyways, enjoy some vintage designs.

17-Woman-in-the-Moon-1929-poster 20-Frankenstein Universal- 1931 Swedish One Sheet 6736041737_aa93bd7679_z tumblr_mbbddft1i91qh35m6o1_500 02-Moje-Aslund-1934-Death-Takes-a-Holiday-Swedish-movie-poster SNX19700z 30-words-and-music-fox-1929-rohman AFFISCH--tryck---Sapho---sign-Eric-Rohman-i-trycket--Stockholm-1918

Click here for a link to an extensive library of some of his images, but all fairly lo-res, and in Swedish….


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