Romain de Tirtoff

Roman de Tirtoff was his real name, but the name Erte was used as a pseudonym of the pronunciation of his initials ( “R/T”), apparently used initially because his father was embarrassed by his son’s pursuit of art instead of a naval officer. Maybe he would have thought differently had he known how incredibly successful his son would be…!

Living in Paris in the same time as Aubrey Beardsley, Erte was given many commissions quickly. He was prolific,  mainly because of his incredible popularity. He was asked to do simply everything, and flourished at every task he was asked to do. Starting off doing illustrations, then moving to set designs and costume designs (for both movies and stage) and much later in his career jewelry. He was sometimes overshadowed by Alphonse Mucha, though they only really overlapped in jewelry later on (Erte didn’t care much for poster design, and their theater involvement took very different paths), but I think they fed off each other quite nicely.

Enjoy this exquisite imagery from all of his fields -from  full illustrations, costume designs to jewelry.


costume-design-woman-dressed-in-black-with-furs-hat-and-dog-on-a-lead the-french-rooster at-the-theatre-trapeze ett erte-topaz erte3 erte5 her-secret-admirers 18th-century-costume-victoria-palace-theatre giulietta Erte-Kiss_of_Fire beauty-beast 82302-iID{1349223969}_330x330 8 erte_15062_2 00173-28963_zoomed XXX_303_1332785131_1


A google search will give you better results than “his” page:


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