Mark Tennant

Sorry again, everyone, I have an incredibly unreliable access to internet these days, so the updates are a little less frequent and/or regular as they should be. Hopefully you are all finding ample inspiration without me!

I am completely oblivious as to how I never heard about Tennant before now, seeing as he was an old directer at my Alma  Matter and still teaches there – being both a full-time student for over 6 years, a work scholar, and a full-time artist’s model, you think I would have encountered him, at least in name, once or twice! But yet my ignorance has defeated me again, and I have just now discovered his work.

Seeing as how I haven’t featured a straight-up Fine Artist in awhile, I think its due time to get back to our fundamentals: Obviously his brush strokes are the first thing that reach out the me, which is only heightened by his exaggeration of hard and soft edges. Keeping a close eye on the depth of his work as well, the 3 dimensions of his figures are immaculate – each shadow is a wisp of form, probably scumbled on in the earliest stages of the piece and never touched again. Pay attention to how perfectly he follows the light across the body – stopping abruptly as it touches a cast shadow and leaving a beautiful crisp edge. This contrast to his blurred, smeared strokes are the true genius of his work. Yeah, yeah, and that he is obviously an expert draftsman, designer, and clever with values….And just to prove that I am not completely biased on his paintings, I’ve included  few drawings as well which truly emphasize these latter distinguishments.

120726_02_hb 467461_263804177050243_100002619896988_492327_887770676_o 011 (1) 011 035 120726_03_hb 20130115-2 265314_315808938516433_172389130_o 470950_316717411758919_666166309_o 20130218-3


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