Gabriella Barouch

Gabriella is definitely an solid up-and-coming artist (I hesitate to use that word, as she already has a wonderful portfolio and CLEARLY knows what she is doing! Maybe I only use it to make me feel better about now knowing about her before?! Though I know I bookmarked her website over a year ago…).

Anyways, she was trained in Jerusalem at the Bezalel Academy majoring in Illustration, and perhaps this upbringing is where she gets such a decorative quality to her work. I think her work is a great signifier of our generation’s aesthetic, such gentle and simple illustrations. Her palette works wondrously with the designs – the main contrast working in the detail vs. no detail shapes, the colors can be soft and muted instead of saturated and bold. This creates a dreamy quality to her work that lets your eye wander along with your mind, taking you so effectively to an imagined wonderland that you almost forget that these images are static and solo. Its easy to get lost in the worlds she creates….

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