Liz Suburbia – “Sacred Heart” / Drew Green – “Ross Boston”

Sacred Heart is an incredibly compelling and accurate story of a bunch of punks going through High School. It is wonderfully paced, a perfect hole into the life of the spunky teenagers (who, honestly, do act MUCH more mature than their apparent age  – a feature that irks me most about many authors) trying to live a semi-normal life. Takes me back to when I had no idea about life, people, and the world. So, a lot like today. I also enjoy the fact that entire chapters load at one, without the annoying page-by-page feature most online comics posses, as I feel it ruins the flow and atmosphere that comic writer/illustrators try so hard to achieve.




For something much more light hearted, as I do realize not everyone likes antihero-no-punch-line-serious stories, here is a story about a gay crime fighter in a world of magical realism filled with monsters  drawn in the style of the amazingly nostalgic Genndy Tartakovsky cartoons that I grew up with. Though the story could use better pacing to satisfy my “adult” brain, it is very reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons and their constant attention-grabbing motifs.



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