Gennaro Morra




And now for something fun! It is fairly common knowledge that I love animals. Seriously, I’m that person who makes dog walkers stop so I can pet their canine multiple times. I feed pigeons and seagulls. I make baby noises and screech when an animal comes close to me. So, in other words, I annoy all the humans around me.

So, when I see a complete genius at capturing the humanity in animals, I have the same reaction. I “awweee” and “ooooh” at my computer screen (thank God my husband isn’t home. Actually, no, he is quite used to me forcing him to watch funny baby animal videos on youtube…) when I see the clear recognition of a soul inside of these drawings; Of course his humans have a lot of the same force, but it is his animals drawings that really inspire me.

It takes a certain type of person to design an animal character – after taking a few animal anatomy/biology classes, it is a completely different ball game trying to imitate an animal while giving it characteristics that we, humans, can relate to. Snakes aren’t nice. Baby puppies aren’t mean.  Not only must you pay attention to the particular anatomy and lifestyle of that animal (keeping in mind the environment it has adapted to, the shifting weight as it moves, the different muscles and/or bones that are emphasized due to its evolution), but its inherent  character as well. An owl has huge eyes – so, it will be difficult to make an evil character of it, as large round eyes immediately equals adorable. But, you cannot change this feature without completely disrupting the single most identifiable attribute that animal has. So what do you do?

Now you can understand why Gennaro is so amazing. The fact you can look as these drawings and both understand, immediately, what animal it is AND what type of character it is is a phenomenal success.

tigers pigeons2 koalas morningwarms keymaker2 cats InspectorCleutzo2 elephants


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