Anime Backgrounds / Animation Backgrounds

Just to prove it isn’t all about me:

Anime Backgrounds is a new blog, recently started in the aftermath of the much loved “Animation Backgrounds” blog which has, sadly, been shut down for almost 3 years now. I  want to share both of these blogs, as I think people who appreciate Japanese Animation often discount western animation and vise versa. Both of these avenues are incredible examples of massive talent and skill.

We often get so wrapped up in the characters hopping around these environments that we forget about the background artist – and seeing these still shots with no animation on top truly isolates the beauty of the scenes these artists create. The fact that you can get an instant feel of the show, without knowing anything about it, tells you how phenomenal it is. Some of the perspective in the Japanese Animation stills is mind blowing – the patience necessary to complete those backgrounds is exemplary. However, the western animation backgrounds have a vitality and energy to them that is much more my aesthetic. I think it is important, in art, to appreciate the skill and time of everyone – as so few people outside the realm of art ever do.

Here are some example from the AnimeBackgrounds site, mind you it is still new, but I am hopeful it stays a consistent source of beautiful updates:

tumblr_mlbo48lhLJ1sor8q8o4_1280 tumblr_mlbjv76sZ41sor8q8o8_1280 tumblr_mlb5pavbQF1sor8q8o7_1280 tumblr_mlb1jz5tUh1sor8q8o1_1280 tumblr_mlb1jz5tUh1sor8q8o5_1280 tumblr_mlb14dxQab1sor8q8o2_1280


And some stills from the Animation Backgrounds site:

hunch209 frog310 frog302 babeswoods02sm bambi222sm beep18 beep14




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