Bruce Pennington

The more I delve into the depths of art, page and referrred page, I begin to realize how much I love 90’s comic book artists. Pen and ink has always been my favorite medium – I love the incredible contrast and designed shapes that ink demands. But, it seems that the subject matter of the 90s appeals to me as well – I love hokey science fiction and/or fantasy.

So, these images are right up my alley. His pen and ink work is so incredibly creative – while being so classically rendered it makes me cry. But, I am putting up more of his “famous” paintings in hopes to entice people to look further into his portfolio and see the massive amounts of talent this prolific artist has.

As an obligatory mini-bio, Bruce has worked mainly on 1970s-ish science fiction covers. He is known for working his work on Dune, for multiple Ray Bradbury books as well as the later H.P. Lovecraft editions. He fits the tasks that sci-fi illustration demands like a hand fits a glove. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like two peas in a pod.

rider01 bruce pennington 1 Shadow-Torturer-Pennington bruce-pennington_4 06 BRUCE PENNINGTON - THE ALIEN WAY The-Armoured-Horseman-by-Bruce-Penningtonmig08


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