Rob Bliss

Rob Bliss has hit it big in the mainstream lately after doing the concept art for both the Harry Potter series (which, arguably, was probably a difficult series to adapt for screen with its vivid imagery and hard core fan base) and then the Dark Knight series.  I’ve included my favorites from both those bouts of concept work, and also my favorite sketches from his website.

Which leads me to today’s point.

His sketches are the bomb. Not only are they wonderfully uninhibited and loose, but they are incredibly solid – it is the point in every artists’s career (or, life choice if they lack a career still) to be able to doodle with such strength. But, I can guarantee he came to this point by not avoiding learning the rules – his fundamentals in each rough and finished sketch cannot be argued against.  The dude knows his stuff – the anatomy is spot on- even in, especially in, his stylized figures.  The form and function of each piece is immaculate, as well as his ability to portray a character with such mood and energy. And his maska – which can be seen below, between the Harry Potter ‘Death Eaters’ and the Dark Knight Rises clown gang are simply perfect – to create such a character with a flat, immovable face is an accomplishment. And even though each of these characters can only be seen momentarily on screen, he still takes pride that the details of the characters are correct. It is a mark of a true craftsman, and he deserves all the recognition he is getting today.

Rock on, Rob.

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