Henry Scott Tuke

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Here to celebrate the USA’s celebration of the ruling on proposition 8 and DOMA (which, to all my non-USA followers and USA followers living in a non-rainbow falvored hole in the ground means that the way to legalized gay marriage is happening, though same sex couples who were previously married can begin to reap the legal benefits of being married, such as paying taxes and being notified if your spouse dies.) Anyways, its a large milestone for the public majority to begin accepting gay marriage, and that in itself is something to celebrate.

I’ve been feeling home sick, as being in Oslo doesn’t have the same celebration mentality as San Francisco has right now. Why couldn’t I have waited  6 months to move and enjoyed not only the SF Pride (arguable, the best in the world)but the repeal of DOMA and prop 8 in the same week? Ugh. I should have seen it coming and planned accordingly. So, instead, I’ve decided to host the next few artists those who have helped, in their own way, to further the gay “agenda”.

Today we talk about Henry Scott Tuke who, though never an outwardly proclaimed gay male, certainly raised awareness during the 1970s with a sort of revival as a gay cult icon. This is interesting, as his works are never outright sexual, they are incredibly gay. I blame the fact that the only thing he ever really painted was  young male nudes lounging around at the beach. But, you can see the figures themselves are never doing anything raunchy – they never even touch, either physically or compositionally much.  Though, I am having a huge trouble finding any females (I did find a few dogs and sailboats), I cannot say that he despised the female form as most of his males are quite feminine – smooth, round and beautiful forms instead of overly muscled and oily men.

He was incredibly popular in life, and it is never really revealed if those during his time followed in his homosexual themes or not. It isn’t even widely known if Tuke would even enjoy being held as a gay artist icon…..but, never the less, he is one.

boy-on-a-beach-henry-scott-tuke display_image morning-splendour-henry-scott-tuke the-sunbathers-henry-scott-tuke Tuke,_Henry_Scott_(1858–1929),_Ruby,_gold_and_malachite,_1902 tumblr_mdj6v0cyVX1ql2w65o1_1280


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