Don Low

First off, here is  a cool article about Don’s choice in inks, for all of you art nerds who want to know what he uses. (You know who you are….!)

But, for everyone else who just wants to oogle his beautiful sketches, the images are below.

I have a soft spot for sketch artists. As my husband most likely is one, I think there is a passionate charm to people who’s personal love in life is to simply capture it – as much and however possible.  These are the people who want to get the ‘essense’ of a person or place, they do not want to spend hours noodling a nostril, but want to capture the gesture and livelihood of the subject. I feel this is much more apt to bring an audience in, as even in fine art a viewer is more connected to a piece that feels as though life is in it. And, the best way to understand how to bring “life” to a piece it to sketch it out. A lot.

Our favorite past time, though admittedly not done as much as we would like, is planning small trips around the world and sketching. I made the mistake once of bringing a full-on painting set (with plein air easel and all), and quickly learned that a small watercolor and ink set is much better suited to this task. Then, setting up in front of a building while others are busy fiddling with their cameras (and ignoring the innocently offensive phrase of how much easier it is take a picture instead of painting and/or sketching it), I can honestly say that I know the places I’ve sketched so much better than my other tourist counterparts. There is something about studying the fashion, postures, hangouts, architecture, landscapes and color palettes that can tell you so much more about a place than any guidebook ever could.

With all of that said, lets pretend we are all on vacation (I’m sure most of us could use one…) and fall into the environment Don Low makes for us:

774125_10151179652505951_1146406222_o 1008919_10151446053475951_1290590481_o Fruit-Stall-at-Lasalle-College-Short-Street MAR13-DOODLE Santa-Cruz-Church-Chaophraya-sm



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