Feric Feng



Feric Feng was, apparently, a child prodigy. According to his website, he began formal training in art at age 12 and quickly won multiple awards for his animation and graphic novel work (which I am attempting to find and share with you as we speak.) In his work he focuses on the geometry and mechanics of movement, primarily in animals. It is evident in his drawings and sketches how important the rhythm of a subject is, and never sacrificing accuracy for style. These pieces, as with all good designed based artwork, meld the believable and the imagination perfectly. His graceful robot-esque beings, to me, meld also the masculine and feminine tendencies in visual art – through his rigid and accurate functionality in his mechanical beings, but combined with fluid and organic rhythm we have a subject matter that can be interested to anyone who views it, without alienating anyone. Well, I guess if you don’t like animals….ever….it would be hard to convince you that these are beyond cool.

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