Years – Bartholomäus Traubeck

As we all know, and can probably clearly tell by the tone of the almost 300 posts so far put up, I am not a huge fan of contemporary art. You will never head me say it is stupid or useless or meaningless, however, I openly admit it is not generally to my aesthetic. 

I make exceptions, of course.

Years, by Bartholomäus Traubeck, is such an exception. This is brilliantly thought through with morals extending beyond the significance of the scientific experiment shown here. It pushes us to think beyond our own lives and onto the life of other beings which, in this case, often lives thousands of years. This life is so vast, has seen so much, that humans simply cannot comprehend the amount of events, both through and without human interaction, it has witnessed. Listening to these songs, it forces your mind to open up to the ideas that there are more stories out there than the ones man tells. Just – simply beautiful.

highly encourage you to click the link directly below to read more about this project, which includes full length songs to listen to as well.



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