Glyn Warren Philpot

I just realized there has been far too many “wordy” posts lately. I apologize,  as I understand us artists are primarily visual people, and it is hard to get excited over text. I can’t even guarantee it was very good text. So, for the next few weeks, I will stick to just pictures. (But then, after that, I will have a very special treat for you all!)

But, I will at least do the artist’s the honor of giving them a short introduction, though we all know they work speaks for itself.

Glyn Warren Philpot was a very successful portrait painter during his day, even exhibiting through The Tate Gallery (1938), The Ashmolean Museum, The National Portrait Gallery and Pallant House Gallery. (yeesh!). Having a very formal background, he was well received for commissions of famous persons of the era. However, his homosexual background caused trouble in his later years as his pieces began to slowly get more and more sexualized and he slowly was shunned from public eye. This caused his popularity to plummet and caused him numerous instances of financial strife.

8083009878_4dcd2124cb_b FAS147067 es_brhm_brm_007_12_large Glyn Warren Philpot--portrait Glyn Warren Philpot--Resting Acrobats Glyn_Warren_Philpot_by_Glyn_Warren_Philpot (c) Manchester City Galleries; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (c) Pallant House Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

(For a fantastic collection of his work, please visit:
You know what, just go there anyways. An incredible resource for high(er) res images than just google.)


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