Shaun Tan

Shawn Tan is an author and illustrator of Children’s Books who resides in Australia.  He won an Academy Award in 2011 with his animated adaptation of The Lost Thing , which can be seen below. This man has plenty of recognition in his community (such as “Book of the Year” prize as part of the New South Wales Premier’s Literary Awards,  Children’s Book Council of Australia “Picture Book of the Year” award in 2007, Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards Premier’s Prize in 2006,  Artist Guest of Honour at the 68th World Science Fiction Convention, and the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award from the Swedish Arts Council, the biggest prize in children’s literature….etc, etc)  but that still doesn’t mean it is enough – I had never really heard of him until recently, and so that makes him a perfect candidate for a feature.

His work is eclectic and imaginative, with the perfect combination of skill and whimsy. He has fantastical ideas but with enough skill to draw and render them in real ways, which helps kids to submerge themselves in this unreal world.  His ability to combine composition into this mixture of imagination and reality really drives the point home – from the angles you really want to believe these things are happening. From his wonderful colored works to his fantastic monochromatic images, his ability to get as close to reality while staying stylized is really a talent that deserves all the attention he gets.

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His new blog:

And older website:


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