Cliff Wallace

We here at blankspace are incredibly proud to announce the inclusion of Cliff Wallace to our gallery. We are currently negotiating terms,but it is confirmed that he will be featured in a solo show in January. Stay tuned to our facebook page to hear more details as they develop!

Cliff Wallace is a creature sculptor, or top movie monster maker, with a film career spanning over 25 years, and including such films as “Hellraiser”, “28 Days Later”, “Kingdom of Heaven”, “Hellboy 2 The Golden Army”, “Clash of the Titans”  and many, many more.  Wallace is also the owner of Creature Effects, a company specializing in the production of creatures and special makeup effects for movies, television (he is renowned for his designs in the popular cult series Dr. Who) and promos.  He boasts many personal fine art shows as well, including a long-time collaboration with Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. (Not to mention a Fangoria Chainsaw Award under his belt…)

But his personal work is where he really shines – as seen in the examples below. His style, reminiscent of Pan’s Labyrinth, is beautiful in its dark and majestic creation. Though his gory prosthetics and special effects makeup is obviously fantastic, these surreal depictions of distorted humanoids is eerily fascinating.

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