Dina Goldstein – Fallen Princesses

In this series of photographs, Dina Goldstein looks beyond the “happily ever after” and keeps the cameras rolling. Inspired by local events and tragedies, as well as real-life issues often ignored in story books and fairy tales, Goldstein juxtaposes Disney princesses in  situations that she feels are more relevant to every day life instead of the tried and true method of “one day my prince will come”, such as illness, debt, war, obesity and addiction. It is incredibly well done and simplistic in its message.

Though I do agree that most fairy tales are not meant to teach children the dangers of such things (I do doubt that many children would be interested in a story about the process of filling out paperwork required to get medical care or perhaps a lecture on an up-to-date food pyramid), it is still an imperative lesson to be had in the household. We cannot simply tell our children, and our little girls specifically, that everything will be OK in the end without any sort of hard work or perseverance. In these stories, the day is saved when the male counterpart comes in to sweep the young maiden off her feet – phew! Thank God every princess is fucking HOT (as we are told that ugly people in these stories are automatically evil or mean…). I will not go into my soap-box rant any further, as this is a very sensitive topic in today’s media – how do we relate and interest children in stories without becoming demeaning or offensive or even reinforce negative stereotypes?

fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-1 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-2 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-3 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-4 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-5 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-6 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-7 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-8 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-9 fallen-princesses-dina-goldstein-10


Please check out her website, and more importantly, if you liked this – then buy the book!



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