Sergio Toppi

I think it is time for me to open up to you all, dear readers. I feel as though we have become connected in these last 250 posts with your unrelenting ability to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us both on here and on our facebook page. I don’t understand why I haven’t uploaded this artist before, seeing as he is (by far) my favorite artist of all time.  Sergio Toppi has done more for me in terms of guiding my aesthetics than any other artist living or dead has come close to, I only regret I never got to meet him in real life and look him dead in the eye and tell him how he reignited my passion for art. He passed away a little over a year ago on September 20th, 2012.

Toppi was a brilliant illustrator. It is odd because I never actually read any of his comics, very few of them were translated into English and I unfortunately have a terrible ability to learn new languages. And to be quite honest, I am not even sure if I know what is really ever truly going on in his stories which would normally be a negative things – after all, a good illustrator doesn’t need words to describe the action or story. But, getting lost in this fantastical world and still being able to look at every single panel and turn the page just as excitably as someone absorbed in the narrative is quite an accomplishment, especially to someone with such a short attention span as I do.

Though Toppi was incredibly prolific I am only going to upload his series of tarot cards here. I normally enjoy his black ink work better than his watercolor images, and typically enjoy his multi-composition images he uses exclusively in comics, but these were just too good to pass up. You can google his name (as there is no official Toppi page available at the moment. Perhaps I must take up the challenge of beginning an ‘unofficial’ page. Maybe even host it on geocities or homestead….) and find thousands of interesting images. His books can be quite rare and pricey – going for thousands of dollars each for first or out of print editions. Thank God for Sparrow and other publishers, who were gracious enough to print small compilations of his works in their series. I highly recommend them (obviously).

0-the-fool2 (1) 0-the-fool2 6-of-blood1 10-of-souls origins1 origins2


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