Michael Galinsky – Malls Across America

Art mimics life (or, is it life mimics art? I am a bit behind on my mimesis vs anti-mimesis debate lately) and this is a perfect example – I present to you snapshots from Malls Across America where the photographer Michael Galinsky perfectly summarizes all that was wonderful, excess and interesting about America’s obsession with malls throughout the 80s and 90s. Particularly for me, as many of these were take from a low vantage point similar to one I would have had when I was 8 years old and looking at these strangers and wondering what the  H -E – Double Hockey Sticks was going on (a phrase I particularly liked at the time). These are average people doing average activities in what was an average place – and this is what makes this series so amazing.

You can pre-order the book here!

mall4 mall5 mall6 mall7 mall9 shopping-malls-part2-Michael-Galinsky06 ss-110406-mall-scenes-3smokers.ss_full-550x388 ss-110406-mall-scenes-buysears.ss_full-550x370 ss-110406-mall-scenes-momandboy.ss_full-550x816

Pre-order the book here!


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